Muffin Heist

Muffin Heist

The dogs, Banjo in back, and Darby, in front, look so sweet and serene. Well, they are not always that way. Yesterday, I had some girlfriends over for coffee. I had made some fresh muffins. I set them on the table where my friends were already seated. I turned my back, and the ladies started an “oh no!!” I turned around, and Darby looked at me like he had not done a thing. However, in that split second, he had nabbed a muffin and swallowed it, paper and all! And he liked what he had eaten and wanted more. So we had to keep an eye on our muffins for the rest of our coffee. No fancy coffee time for me and my friends while Darby is around! And he looks so docile in this picture…


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