Stubborn Dog!

Stubborn Dog!

This is a rare photo of Banjo letting Dale, my husband, pet him. Banjo is a one person dog and that person is me. It becomes difficult when I have to be away from home more than a day. This past weekend, I went to visit my Mom, son and his girlfriend, and stayed overnight. I called Dale around 8:30 p.m. To see how things were going with Banjo. Banjo would NOT come inside for Dale. He was going to sit in the front yard and wait for “mom.” No matter what Dale tried, he was not coming inside. He, also, would not eat. So I got this brilliant idea and had Dale put his phone on speaker. He then went into the yard where Banjo could hear, and I called him. “Mama’s home! Banjo, come by Mama! Come on, Banjo!” It worked!! Banjo came inside, and was not too happy with Dale when he found I was nowhere to be found! In the meantime, my Mom was laughing her head off at my end! This will only work once, because he is very smart and will not fall for it again. But, I was glad it worked because it still gets quite cold at night here. Any ideas we can try next time?


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