Oh No! It’s All My Fault!!

ImageImageIt was so nice; surely I could plant my gardens, right?  So I got most if them planted and made Banjo’s yearly appointment to get shaved for the summer.  He has so much hair that grows quickly and is quite hot for him.  Well, you know how that goes, it has now turned very cold, with frost warnings for tonight and tomorrow night.  I should have listened to my friend’s grandma’s warning; ” The Ice King comes three times in May, so don’t plant until Memorial Day!”. So, y’all, it’s all my fault that it is so cold here in Wisconsin.  I and many others who were quick to jump the gun, will be out covering our plants tonight and tomorrow night.  Gotta love Wisconsin.

But on a lighter note; doesn’t Banjo look cute?



DIY Project

I’ve been absent for awhile as I worked on my latest DIY project. I wanted a table and chairs for our deck. Looking at the cost of a new set was shocking. Then I realized I had a table and chairs in the basement that was not being used. I put it outside last summer and by summer’s end, it looked terrible! The weather had done its trick. So this spring, I decided to refinish it and make it weather-proof. I sanded the old paint off, repainted them, and put two more coats of a clear spar urethane. I am almost done. I have one more chair to paint and clear-coat. I am pleased with the results. Now if it would just get nice and warm so we can use them! Here are pictures of before, mid-way and finished results.







In the past, I worked as a play therapist with children with autism. This Mom and her blog have given me so much more insight and I wish I could have read it as I was working with my two, wonderful “clients.” Oh how I miss them, now that I have retired. Barb

a diary of a mom


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Diary’s Facebook status – yesterday


There are studies on what I’m about to write. Lots of them. There are scores of posts out there on the topic, undoubtedly far better written than this one. Certainly they are better referenced and include links to, ya know, sciency stuff — studies and the like.

I’ll do my best to include some of that later, but I’m not writing as a scientist, or a doctor, or even a journalist. I’m writing as a mom. A mom who has begun to understand that, in the case of my daughter, there’s a fatal flaw in the autism zeitgeist. And it’s been getting me, and I dare say a lot of parents, into trouble.

It took a while for me to recognize that there is often a significant disconnect between what I think I see and what Brooke is actually experiencing. I tend to…

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