Oh No! It’s All My Fault!!

ImageImageIt was so nice; surely I could plant my gardens, right?  So I got most if them planted and made Banjo’s yearly appointment to get shaved for the summer.  He has so much hair that grows quickly and is quite hot for him.  Well, you know how that goes, it has now turned very cold, with frost warnings for tonight and tomorrow night.  I should have listened to my friend’s grandma’s warning; ” The Ice King comes three times in May, so don’t plant until Memorial Day!”. So, y’all, it’s all my fault that it is so cold here in Wisconsin.  I and many others who were quick to jump the gun, will be out covering our plants tonight and tomorrow night.  Gotta love Wisconsin.

But on a lighter note; doesn’t Banjo look cute?



One thought on “Oh No! It’s All My Fault!!

  1. He looks VERY cute! I used to clip my old collie in the summer. His thick black coat used to hold the heat and he was much more comfortable without all that hair. By Christmas it had all grown back to keep him warm for winter.

    Don’t forget, the new Memorial Day isn’t the old one! The year they changed it, frost nipped some of my plants. I’ve reverted to May 31 as planting day! So your chilly weather must be headed east, I imagine. I’ll be on the lookout for it.

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