Trying New Things

I have been absent a lot because summer came and all of a sudden there is so much to be done!  Those include tending the garden, mowing our almost 2 acres, and trying out new projects.  Some of the projects have turned out ok, and some….well; not so ok.  Remember my  table and chairs project?  They turned out quite well, but not for long.  I used the wrong stuff to fill in the cracks and the top sides of the table cracked and started peeling.  So I have removed all I could of the old grout and filler and sanded the wood.  Now I have to regrout, paint, and seal the table and hopefully, get it done soon so we can enjoy it yet this summer!

I tried making things out of resin.  I found I do not like making things out of resin!

Now, I am working on stepping stones.  We have a huge yard, and I would like to have stepping stones going from here to there.  This will take many summers, I am sure.

So, I am enjoying summer, gardening, walking the dogs with my friend, and trying many new things.  I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying new things and old things, as well.