Winter Artwork


I have been keeping myself busy, this winter (and oh!  what a winter it is!!!), by working on some art.  I started out wanting a winter painting to put above my mantel, where I have a collection of snow people.  Now that winter has gotten old, it was doubly hard working on a painting of winter!  But I persevered and finished it last night.  I got the idea from a Christmas card a relative sent me, but the painting scene is mine.  The card had a quote that I love and repeat often.  I put the quote on the painting. It is the first time I added script to a painting.  I deliberately changed the script style for each line, just to add interest.  I hope you like it.

I also saw a beautiful design and decided to recreate it for a card.  I am posting a picture of it also.  I have looked and looked for the original artist’s name, and can’t find it. If anyone knows it, I will be glad to post it.

Another thing I have started this winter, is art journaling.  I enjoy posting some kind of picture each day, a small watercolor each week, and various other entries I am putting into the journal.  It will be fun looking back at it, at the end of the year.

What are some of the things you have been doing to keep cabin fever at bay?




This is my latest art project. A dear friend came for a visit and we spent the day creating. How wonderful it felt to open my soul, stir it up, and pour it onto the canvas! Sharing the process with a dear friend made it even more fulfilling. This type of art-making Is intuitive, always creating something different. I look forward to making more!

Now that it has sat for a few days, I see more I want to do with it….a work in progress.