Winter’s Opportunities


We are in the heart of winter.  I am sure I’m not the only one dreaming about spring.  Another “Polar Vortex” is approaching.  All of a sudden, we have new terminology I have never heard before!  And now, intense storms are given names, like the hurricanes.

I do several things to keep myself entertained during the long winter months, and believe me, there is truth to the word “long” living in Wisconsin.  At this time I am working on a new painting.  I have a mantel decorated with snowmen, and it needs a winter scene above it. i am working on a surprise for my daughter, so I can’t divulge that project to you.  I have also decided to try my hand at art journaling. 

Whenever I try anything new, I get a book to show me how to do it.  I purchased my book, purchased my journal, and am busy setting it up.  My goal is to journal artistically every day.  I am one of those people who need to be inspired, so anything I can do to jump start my creativity; I am a willing participant.  Luckily, I have a lot of art supplies on hand because I have been through schooling for art, and have taught art classes.  I am thrilled to be able to take the supplies out of storage and use them again.

I am inspired by the beauty of winter.  I know it may seem stark to some, but if you just look around and become aware, there is a lot to see.  We have bird feeders right outside our screen porch, and the birds are enjoying the menu we set out for them.  We are visited by juncos, chickadees, woodpeckers, and beautiful red cardinals, to name a few.  Turkeys and deer walk past our yard all the time.  In the still of the night, I hear the owl hooting in the woods.  And the almost daily snowfall is beautiful as it gently (sometimes, not so gently) coats everything in white.

The dogs are fun to watch as they run, play and roll around in the snow.  Sometimes, Banjo just likes to lay in the yard and watch over his domain.  He has a nice, thick Aussie coat by now, and he loves it outside.

Winter is long here in Northeast Wisconsin, but it doesn’t have to be boring.