Screen Porch Build – Building finished

Screen Porch Build - Building finished

View from the outside. We will have the gutters redone in the spring. The indoor/outdoor carpeting will be laid on the 18th. The dogs seem to like coming and going this way.
Now the fun part begins…the decorating of the inside. That should be fun, but most will have to wait for warmer weather.
Thanks for joining me on this journey! It was fun and without too many complications. Now, time to settle in for the winter.


Screen Porch Build – Day 11



Screen Porch Build - Day 10

After two workdays lost to lots of rain, the knotty pine interior is being put up. It is actually starting to look pretty inside. Birds have been coming in and can’t get out, so I have to go out and gently herd them toward the doorway. All the screens are in, except the doorway. Tomorrow we are expecting more rain. Heavy sigh….

Screen Porch Build

Siding up

Knotty Pine interiorIMG_4786

We just completed days 8 and 9 of the building process.  Day 8 shows that the siding was installed and the roof finished.   This is good because we are to have a soaking rain tomorrow, for Halloween.  Poor Trick-or-Treaters.

Day 9 (today) the contractor started on the inside.  So the picture shows the knotty pine going up.  Also, any siding that wasn’t completed yesterday, was finished today.

Over the weekend, we purchased a ceiling fan/light to be installed.

We have been so lucky with the weather.  Even though it was very windy and cold yesterday and very cold today, the builders were able to work.  Tomorrow, I think they can work because they are doing inside work.  And the weather is supposed to be near 60!

And, just sayin, How Bout Those Packers!?!!



This is my latest art project. A dear friend came for a visit and we spent the day creating. How wonderful it felt to open my soul, stir it up, and pour it onto the canvas! Sharing the process with a dear friend made it even more fulfilling. This type of art-making Is intuitive, always creating something different. I look forward to making more!

Now that it has sat for a few days, I see more I want to do with it….a work in progress.

Stubborn Dog!

Stubborn Dog!

This is a rare photo of Banjo letting Dale, my husband, pet him. Banjo is a one person dog and that person is me. It becomes difficult when I have to be away from home more than a day. This past weekend, I went to visit my Mom, son and his girlfriend, and stayed overnight. I called Dale around 8:30 p.m. To see how things were going with Banjo. Banjo would NOT come inside for Dale. He was going to sit in the front yard and wait for “mom.” No matter what Dale tried, he was not coming inside. He, also, would not eat. So I got this brilliant idea and had Dale put his phone on speaker. He then went into the yard where Banjo could hear, and I called him. “Mama’s home! Banjo, come by Mama! Come on, Banjo!” It worked!! Banjo came inside, and was not too happy with Dale when he found I was nowhere to be found! In the meantime, my Mom was laughing her head off at my end! This will only work once, because he is very smart and will not fall for it again. But, I was glad it worked because it still gets quite cold at night here. Any ideas we can try next time?

Muffin Heist

Muffin Heist

The dogs, Banjo in back, and Darby, in front, look so sweet and serene. Well, they are not always that way. Yesterday, I had some girlfriends over for coffee. I had made some fresh muffins. I set them on the table where my friends were already seated. I turned my back, and the ladies started an “oh no!!” I turned around, and Darby looked at me like he had not done a thing. However, in that split second, he had nabbed a muffin and swallowed it, paper and all! And he liked what he had eaten and wanted more. So we had to keep an eye on our muffins for the rest of our coffee. No fancy coffee time for me and my friends while Darby is around! And he looks so docile in this picture…